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'Being ALive' is live now!

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Love will find out his way.


Two men caught in the embrace of forbidden love. Two worlds trapped in a conflict that spans nations. Two lives lost to the cruel hand of time in a never-ending torture of yearning.


But love is eternal. It lives through the darkest of times to whisper across the ages on the lips of those who crave it. Love will always survive. And James is about to find out that some people will do anything to capture loves lost kiss.


It seems to James that monsters lurk in every corner. But there is always Adam. The one man who makes sense in his life, and the one person who offers him comfort when everything else seems so messed up. But as James finds himself growing closer to the enigmatic librarian, old monsters raise their ugly heads to threaten their relationship, and James is torn. Does he hold the hand of the man he is falling for, or does he run for his life to keep that man safe from the darkness which haunts him?


History is catching up with the present, and as its terrible presence grows ever closer, a shocking revelation destroys any hope that James may have of living a normal life. The chase is on, and the real horror has only just begun.


‘Being Alive’ is the third instalment of my shocking ‘Alive’ serial set in my Dark MM Universe.

Some books are just too HOT to handle! (
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